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When you join Scentsy you are the CEO or your very own business. You are in the driver’s seat and can work at your own pace.   Whether you want to just get out and meet new people, have access to great products at discounted prices, earn incentives and take awesome free vacations, or just earn a little bit of money to help with the bills, you can do it.  With Scentsy you can work just a little part time or make Scentsy your full time career.   It’s entirely up to you.

Scentsy offers quality products and lasting fragrances that your customers love.  They’ll thank you for introducing them to Scentsy and they’ll keep coming back for more.   You can earn even more income if you decide to build your own team and introduce others to the Scentsy business.  If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, now is the time and Scentsy is the right business.  Contact me any time to learn more or click here for more information.


You can DO more, BE more than you might think.

Join Scentsy

Have you ever thought you should start a Scentsy business?  Now is the perfect time and here are the top 10 reasons reasons why you should Join Scentsy today:

  1. Outstanding Compensation Plan – Earn up to 30% on personal sales and even more on leadership bonuses from those you sponsor. Sponsor in any country Scentsy has a presence including Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain and France!
  2. Earn Scentsy Family Bonuses and Incentives – Opportunity to earn Free trips to exotic places like Cancun, Hawaii, Greece and the Bahamas.
  3. FREE Shipping on qualifying Home or Basket Parties Parties. Guests spend their money on product…Not shipping
  4. Low Startup Costs – Get started with Scentsy for only $99.00 plus tax and shipping.  And now you even have the opportunity to earn your kit by hosting a Scentsy Party.
  5. Our Team is Better – Our Team is a family-friendly oriented group that helps one another achieve our goals and dreams.
  6. Our Parties are Better –Scentsy Family Hosts only need $200.00 in product sales to earn Host Rewards.
  7. Our Products are Better – Only the finest materials are used for Scentsy products.
  8. Flexibility – You are in complete control of your schedule so you can spend more time with your family. Work part-time to earn a little extra money or make Scentsy your full-time career. It’s your choice!
  9. No Geographic Boundaries – You have the opportunity to build your Scentsy team in your home town and throughout the world. You can share the opportunity with your neighbor or your best friend across the Country!
  10. Excellent Training and Support – Team meetings, a Facebook team page, conference calls, a private training website, promotional tools, and more. You don’t need any prior experience to join our Scentsy Team

It’s easy to start a Scentsy business.  Just contact me and I’ll help you get started!

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Matchless Marvels

Hello!  I hope that you’ll consider joining my Scentsy team and of Matchless Marvels.  We’re a fabulous group of Independent Consultants who love to party for a living and we”ll help you succeed in your new Scentsy business every step of the way.   It’s easy to get started, just click here to join now!

Become a Scentsy Consultant, Join my Scentsy Team, Start a Scentsy Business

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We contribute more than we take.

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