Buy Scentsy Fragrance

Scentsy Fragrance Wax Bars are made with only the finest scented oils and a petroleum based wax. They’re available in over 80 scents, so you’re sure to find several candle scents you just can’t live without. Scentsy ceramic electric candle warmers are designed not only to melt our candle bars perfectly, they’re beautiful too. With dozens of warmer colors and designs, you will find one to fit any décor.

Unlike traditional candles which often have lead based wicks and leave a sooty residue, your wickless flameless candles will melt perfectly in our candle warmers with either a 15, 20 or 25-watt light bulb. Scentsy candle bars and candle warmers are a safe alternative to traditional candle burning and you will never have to worry about your children or pets. You can even put your hand in a fully melted Scentsy bar in one of our warmers and you will not be burned as the wax melts at just over room temperature.

Scentsy candle bars can be divided in sections so you can mix and match your favorite fragrances to make your own perfectly scented candles. Moreover, when you’re tired of one scent, not to worry…just pour it back into your container and melt another wax cube!